Kick Your Graphic Memoir Into Gear

Transform Your Practice, Grow Your Skills, Wisdom and Confidence

Don’t know what to do with those characters and ideas?

Want some help figuring out next steps?

Want to learn the amazing medium of comics in a fun, expert-led environment?

Do you want feedback, tricks, and guidance?

Permission. Guidance. Focus.

Welcome to our Comics Flow Intensive Working Group!

If you want to tone and stretch your imagination, this is the place to be.

I'm here to help you find your material, find your voice, with an audience of like-minded readers/creators.

I’m a #1  NY Times bestselling graphic novelist and I love to teach comics. I love to play comics games, I love to encourage and see what you come up with.

This ongoing group is based on our Graphic Memoir Intensive group which has been AMAZING...

There's plenty of room for you!

I've been there a million times!

It's ok to have bad days, creaky joints, and "bad ideas" !

But this group is like going to the gym!

You’ll love working with prompts, exercises and encouragement. 

In this group, you'll play around, test ideas and create images and stories. You'll hear and read amazing stories, tell your own, work on storytelling, get lots of great group feedback as well as lots of input from me, along with guided exercises and examples and wisdom.

What is Included

  • 18 Videos

  • 16 Texts

  • 67 PDFs

  • 1 Audio

  • 1 Download

  • 2 Presentations

  • 50 Hours

Want a sample?

Want a sample? Click Here to download 5 Exercises to Stay Unstuck Forever

Course curriculum

  • 01
    0. Introduction to this Course
    Show details
    • About this Course
    • Comics FLOW Group Community Link
  • 02
    1 - Introductions
    Show details
    • Introduction to the group
    • 5 Exercises to Stay Unstuck - PDF
  • 03
    2 - Silent Storytelling
    Show details
    • Silent Storytelling Introduction
    • Some Silent Stories
    • Some Silent Stories - PDF
  • 04
    3 - Voice
    Show details
    • Voice Introduction
    • Narrative Voices Video 1 of 3
    • Narrative Voice Video 2 of 3
    • Narrative Voices Video 3 of 3
    • Narrative Voices Exercise PDF Format
  • 05
    4 - Drawing the Head and Body
    Show details
    • Introduction to Drawing Bodies and Heads
    • Drawing the Figure - Famous Artists Cartoon Course
    • Drawing the Head - Famous Artists Cartoon Course
    • Cartooning the Head in Detail - Famous Artists Cartoon Course
    • Cartooning the Figure in Detail - Famous Artists Cartoon Course
    • Drawing Children, Adults and Teens
    • Emotions PDF
    • Random Bodies and Stuff
  • 06
    5 - More About Storytelling
    Show details
    • Introduction to Show and Tell
    • Scott McCloud - Chapter 6 Show and Tell
    • 01 - Why Comics?
    • 01 - Why Comics? - My Story
    • 04 - Finding a Visual Style
    • 04 - Finding a Visual Style - My Story
    • 05 - Getting Started
    • 07 - Visual Language
    • Comics Kuleshov
  • 07
    6 - Composition of the Panel
    Show details
    • Introduction to Composition in the Panel
    • Molly Bang - How Pictures Work - brief PDF introduction
    • Video: Staging Characters in the Panel
    • Disney's Basics of Composition PDF
    • Storyboarding the Simpsons Way - Composition PDF
    • Panel Composition by Kali Ceisemier
    • Drawing for Comics from Tom Hart's Comic Strips Book
    • Wally Wood's 22 Panels "That Always Work"
    • How To Read (and make) a Single-Panel Cartoon - by Tom Hart
    • Body Language PDF
    • Silhouettes PDF
  • 08
    7- Some Resources about Writing
    Show details
    • Stan Lee on "the Marvel Method"
    • Stan Lee on "The Marvel Method", 1966 - AUDIO
  • 09
    8 - More Drawing Resources
    Show details
    • Video: Using Reference
    • Video: Some Principles of Comics
    • Coloring from Tom Hart's Comic Strips Book
    • Page Compositions Part 1
    • Page Compositions Part 2
    • Using References - VIDEO
    • Squash and Stretch!
  • 10
    9 - Visual Metaphor and Motif
    Show details
    • Introduction to Visual Metaphor and Motif
    • Sampling of Visual Metaphors
    • Gestural Text PDF
  • 11
    10 - Other Readings and Exercises
    Show details
    • Storytelling Flow Full PDF
    • Storytelling Flow Before and After Sheet
    • Ongoing list of links to online articles and books
    • Carol Tyler's Red Ribbons
    • Carol Tyler - Character Intros and Symbols
    • Carol Tyler and Tom Hart speaking at Society of Illustrators - VIDEO
    • Images That Sing - PDF from How To Say Everything
    • Diary Comics
    • Chester Brown - The Playboy Narrative Guide
    • Lettering! Title and Display
    • Twisted Sisters PDF
    • I Remember (excerpt) by Joe Brainard
    • The Aquatic Uncle by Italo Calvino from Cosmicomics - TEXT
    • The Aquatic Uncle, by Italo Calvino from Cosmicomics - AUDIO
    • Lettering Video Presentation
    • WOMEN IN COMICS An Introductory Guide by Trina Robbins PDF
  • 12
    11 - A Walk Through Comix 2000
    Show details
    • A Walk Through Comix 2000 - VIDEOS
  • 13
    99 - Grids and Other Resources
    Show details
    • Why grids?
    • 4-Panel Grid
    • 6-Panel Grid
    • Balloons, Panels and Bubbles - Common Comics Language

A Masterclass of Material

Every week is a little different. Potential topics and exercises are all bundled in the curriculum below, and it's always growing! We'll pull from these materials as needed during class time, but you're always welcome to dive in and look around.

This is a process course. Lots of playing, lots of trying new things, lots of seeing what’s developing. Some types of techniques and ideas we’ll play with:

  • new characters
  • personal material gathering
  • general structure
  • different tones of voice
  • visual metaphor
  • in-depth ways we can be compelling on the page
  • playful combinations
  • new visual languages