Do you still have questions about who are and what we do? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

What is Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW)?

SAW is an non-profit, informal comics school in Gainesville, Florida. Founded by #1 NY Times bestselling cartoonist Tom Hart in 2011, SAW's mission is to teach people about how comics work and how they can bring their stories into the world. 

SAW Online courses are a compliment to what we do in person in our short courses, week-long workshops and year-long program.

What kind of courses are there?

Free Courses: We offer lots of free courses to get you in the door! 

E-Books: Our small e-booklets which run less than $10.

Self-Guided Mini-Courses: Our self-guided courses which run $20-$50.

Community Intensives:  Our full-fledged community courses with teacher input and a cohort for 6-weeks at a time, usually for $199-299.

Six-month Focused Intensives: Our in person programs are synthesized into an online comics course in specific subject matter. Sign up early for early-bird discounts.

Year-long Intensives: Our online year-long comics program takes everything we've learnt from our in person programs and so much more for a year of intensive comics learning from wherever you are in the world. Starting from $1550.

Are these live courses?

The course videos are all pre-recorded, and you can watch them any time after they are released. The community classes generally have homework for you to over the course of a week. Our instructors are in the Mighty Network every week to give feedback and answer questions. 

Who are the teachers?

The main instructors are Tom Hart and Justine Andersen, with guest comics artists offering special classes throughout the year including Emily Flake, Derek Ballard and Jess Rulifsson. All our instructors are working artists who have published countless pages of comics, and have years of online and in person teaching experience. Find out more about our Instructors here

When do you launch new courses?

We have a series of classes lead by Tom Hart and Justine Andersen that launch each year, with additional classes being offered when possible. To receive regular updates about our offerings, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.