Tom's 30 Day Narrative Creative Prompt Bouquet

Permission to daydream for a minute or two every day, energizing that storytelling, daydreaming, creative brain.

Each day for 30 days, I'll send a short new creative narrative prompt straight to your inbox. 

You can draw them on paper or visualize them in your mind

Either way, they'll get you energized for the day. 

Our brains are like this chicken!

We can divert that chicken brain, and daydream for a minute or two each day. We can spark our storytelling, daydreaming, creative brain, and energize our day-to-day living.
It's only $8.99!
Our brains are like this chicken!

Sign me up at 29 cents a day!

Everyday, a new prompt to get you thinking, dreaming and drawing brand new stuff!

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