Stuck not getting your creative self off the ground?


Get your work seen, and make it better as you go. This little course will shower you with love and ideas, and we will do it as you do it... 

Getting good is about producing producing producing and getting better as you go. In public. Damn the torpedoes and damn the naysayers and give yourself a garden to grow.

Don't plan. Invent. Don't script, initiate. 

Don't wait.

No dawdling, and no fear - who is it serving? Only those that want to keep you down.

In this course, we will rise.

I’ve spent 30 years getting seen and trying to get good. In this course I share everything I know!

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Our Path Will Include --->

Each week we'll make 5 creative choices, commit to them, and see them through.

  • Healthy social media habits for your project

  • Challenges for your characters and premise

  • Community and feedback to keep you getting better

  • My 25+ year story in some detail

  • Guidance and expertise about printing and publishing.

  • A plan for going forward

Produce work to be a producer of work

We will not stop! We will create every day for 4 weeks. Some days we will just make a choice. Other days we will put pen to paper (stylus to screen, etc.) And others we will post and share. We will conquer what is keeping us from starting that work that wants to be made through us.

What's Included?

There are 15 or more short inspirational videos, three emails a week (and complimentary blog posts) that go deeper than the videos and access to me and others in the Exclusive Comics FLOW section of the SAW Mighty Network.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!!!

    2. Informative and inspiring emails coming your way!

    3. Available as part of Comics Flow

    1. Week 1 -Invent a Premise

    2. Week 1 - My history - Being Seen by Peers and Others

    1. Week 2 - Going Deeper in Our World, A Second Character

    2. Week 2 - Hashtags

    1. Week 3 - A Larger Force

    2. Week 3 - Show Sketches!

    1. Week 4 - A Safe Place To Go Forward

    2. Week 4 - Share with Others

    3. Week 4 - Community

    4. The Story of My First Strip.

    1. On Publishing and Distribution Intro

    2. Publishing - My Story - Mini-Comics

    3. Publishing - My Story - Self- Publishing and Distributing

    4. Publishing - My Story - Small Publishers and Being Seen

    5. Publishing - My Story - An Agent, A Big Publisher and More Self-Publishing

About this course

  • $27.00
  • 19 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Free in the Comics Flow + Publish Group

Click here to see the Comics FLOW full course of free courses and resources

Get Seen Get Good

Why is it called that?

Why is called Get Seen Get Good?

Because it's something I'm trying to do right now!!! 

Even though I realized recently that I am very fortunate to have spent 30 years being constantly creative. I've never had my fire out. 🔥 🔥  I haven't always reached people, or hit constant highs, but I've always been engaged and it's always served me, and I count myself lucky and blessed.

I realized how it went was this:

  • In my 20s I was focused on GET SEEN.
  • In my 30s, it was (finally) GET GOOD.
  • In my 40s, it was MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN (I created a school I'm proud of, and made a book I am proud of, but wish I didn't have to make)
  • On turning 50, I think the next step is SPREAD THE WORD. What is the word? I don't know yet. The gospel of GET SEEN and GET GOOD maybe.

Well, that's what I'm taking it to mean.

GET SEEN GET GOOD is a 4-week course designed to give you some steps in not worrying about getting good first (me too!), about showing your work (hello St. Austin Kleon) about saying HELLO, THIS IS WHO I AM, THIS IS WHAT I MAKE, and finding like-minded people (me too!).

Not strangers, not "the general public", but future friends. Your tribe.

This is what I did, and am trying to do, and I'll explain more when you join me!

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