Making our work deeper means asking the right questions...

In this short 19 video course are lessons in making our comics more holy. Holy meaning respecting the people they are about, detailing their place, their trials, their languages and their dead.

We'll look at more than 50 examples of beautiful and holy graphic memoirs, comic strips and mini-comics that have answered the questions that holy books have asked throughout time.

Namely -->

  • Who are the people? 
  • What is revered? 
  • Who are the others? 
  • What is reviled? 
    and 15 more...

I will also share lots from my previous work and examine how I could have made it more holy. 

Holy! Holy! Holy! The world is holy the soul is holy the skin is holy! Everything is holy everywhere is holy!

Let's make a holy book! 

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Writer David Milch says,

"Don't make outlines, instead, pray first."

I've been wrestling with what this means for years. I know it means trust yourself as a vessel, but we have to prepare the vessel. 

I'm hoping that looking at these 19 or so questions and 50+ works will help us.

For each question we will examine --->

  • One graphic memoir featured in The Art of the Graphic Memoir

  • One self-published mini-comic from the SAW library

  • An example from Peanuts, a 50-year holy book.

  • And an example from my Hutch Owen comic strips, from BEFORE I was guided by these questions. Now that I know more, you can help me think about how I might have done things differently.

What's Included?

In addition to the 18 or more videos of inspiration, you will have access to me and the exclusive Comics Flow Group on our Mighty Network for 30 days. This is a great place to post your work and insights and questions for the course.

There's enough in the Comics Flow Group to keep you flowing for years to come so if you want to remain in there, we'd love to have you!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video

    2. Available with Comics Flow

    1. A word about accessibility.

    2. Who are the People?

    3. What is Revered?

    4. Who are the Others?

    5. What are the Rules?

    6. What are the Rituals?

    7. What is Reviled?

    8. What are the Places?

    9. What are the Symbols?

    10. What is Reviled?

    11. Who are the Animals?

    12. What are the Markings?

    13. What are the Beginnings?

    14. What are the Confrontations?

    15. What are the Travels?

    16. What is Sacrificed?

    17. Who are the Lost?

    18. Who are the Dead or Resurrected?

    19. Who Speaks to the Other Side?

    20. Where is the Other World?

    21. What are the Parables?

    22. Short Wrap - Up

    23. Holy Reflections on Hutch Owen 2006-2008

    1. Holy Books - Full Presentation PDF

    2. Worksheet to come!

    3. Some final thoughts...

    1. More resources for you

About this course

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  • 1.5 hours of video content

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This course comes free with COMICS FLOW