How do you get a gig storyboarding for Adventure Time and other amazing shows?

Derek did it by being true to his vision, by being original, and loving drawing and telling stories.

In this course, he takes you on his journey from storyboarding newbie to creating characters and stories for two episodes of Adventure Time, plus episodes of the new Netflix show, Midnight Gospel.

How do you get a gig storyboarding for Adventure Time and other amazing shows?

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Live Q+A April 27, 2020

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Show details
  • 02
    Drawing + Materials
    Show details
    • Materials and Imagination
    • Derek Ballard - Materials Matter
  • 03
    Shapes, Lines and Vision
    Show details
    • Accessing Your Imagination
    • Derek's Storyboarding Path
    • Shapes, Lines and Vision
  • 04
    Storyboarding Adventure Time
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    • Introduction by Tom Hart FREE PREVIEW
    • Derek's Storyboarding Test
    • Nemesis Storyboards 2nd Pass
    • Nemesis Storyboards 3rd Pass
    • Storyboarding Adventure Time 1
    • Storyboarder's Audio Commentary on *Nemesis* Full Episode
    • Storyboarding Adventure Time 2
    • Breezy by Derek Ballard and Jesse Moynihan Final Storyboard
    • Informal Talk - Story-writing, Collage and Animation (Video)
  • 05
    Bonus: Storyboarding Midnight Gospel
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  • Will Derek look at my storyboards?

    This is a self-guided course with full access to our community and network mentors. Derek won't be able to assist you in your work but our online network (free to all) will be happy to help!

    But we are hoping to rope Derek into a live Q+A once or twice a year... Next one is April 27, 2020!

  • How long will I have access to the materials?

    As long as SAW is alive! You will have access to the videos,