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Every dollar helps us help make sure everyone's stories are told.

First Steps

in 2011 it was only dreamt of in this space in Gainesville FL. 

A bit grungy, but we made it work... 

(That's, Sally Cantirino in 2013, with her artwork in our first space, who now is publishing with Simon and Schuster.)

We moved a few times, always taking our mission with us. 

Maybe you found us in one of those spaces. 


Around 2016 we expanded online, offering some of our first signature courses. 

Maybe you found us there, or later at one of our short workshops or longer intensives.

In 2017 we moved again, always looking for the best place to get people together. 

In 2020, we moved into our cleanest, most accessible place yet.

And here you are.

And hopefully you're standing in a better place than before. 

More skilled, more confident, more connected. 

As you know SAW is a USA 501-c3 non-profit and one of our stated goals is that we never turn anyone away. 

This is our first membership-focused fundraiser. 

We're asking you, the people who have been here, who have been a part of the community, who have learned here and have been nurtured by the space we've created to continue to support what we've all created here.

Help us reach more people, help us make the world more vibrant, more visible, and more connected through story.

Donations here are fully tax-deductible by US law.

What does your sustaining donation offers

Your gift helps...

  • Provide scholarship opportunities for people who have been historically excluded from comics, arts and literary education
    (We typically give $20,000 a year in scholarships...)

  • Support affordable classes for teens and adults
    (SAW works with local communities to make storytelling classes accessible to all...)

  • Keep the lights on in our brick-and-mortar school in Gainesville and in the homes of our staff throughout the United States
    (Our local rent and utilities are quite affordable at $25,000 a year...)

  • Pay for online logistics and software
    (SAW typically spends $7,000 a year in software alone and roughly $5,000 in bank and service fees...)

  • Support free public events and exhibitions, both in-person and online (Friday Night Comics, for instance, pays each artist $150, that's $7500 a year for weekly free events.)

  • Create new professional development opportunities for emerging, established and expert cartoonists. (SAW is currently donating space to 6 emerging artists in Gainesville, FL. Contact Emma to become one of them!)

  • Help secure a future by building savings for future upgrades and other investments . (A space to house people for a short or long term is one of our long-term goals.)

  • To keep our library well-stocked with important new and old works. (SAW typically spends more than $1000 a year on book purchases.)

  • Cover the cost of materials and resources for workshops. (Pencils and paper keep going up!) :)

  • And much, much more...

Choose the amount right that's for you...

Every dollar helps us help make sure everyone's stories are told.

We are dedicated to our transparency in our non-profit mission.

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

SAW's US federal EIN# is 27-3180354

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Dropbox link of all our tax filings, 2014-2022: Here

Our mission statement, accountability, policies and directors, Here.

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