I'm here to help you gain your footing, develop your project and find your place...

I've spent 25 years making comics books and the last 18 years teaching them.

My New York Times #1 Bestselling graphic memoir, Rosalie Lightning, has been recognized by numerous awards and translated into a dozen languages alongside my alternative comic books, graphic novels, comic strips... 

I've made everything and anything comics and helped hundreds of people do the same. 

Together we can develop a healthy creative practice to make your project the best it can be.

What can we work on together?

Who Am I?"

I can help you stay motivated and inspired, to give you feedback and show you precedents. I can help you see your own vision a little better, to keep you accountable, and to cheer you on. Sometimes that's enough!”

What's Working?"

Let's edit and structure! Need to know what's working dramatically? Need to have some new ideas about structure and keeping readers' interest? Need to know how to go deeper into a character? Let's go!”

Where Am I going?"

Want to talk marketing or industry talk? I've got a million stories and not all of them good! I know the value of making the work. The value of reaching the market or an audience is different. Let's talk about your path...”

What others have said about working with Tom

“I was fortunate to discover SAW as a resource for working on my graphic history, Perpetua's Journey. Tom Hart was an incredible teacher and our lessons discussed how to make my project, a prison diary, come to life in sequential art. Tom has said that creating comics is all about "writing, drawing, thinking, history, and responding," and we discussed all of these topics during my sessions."”

Pricing options

I offer this on sliding scale. If you'd like to work with me for a different rate, email me at [email protected]

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