I want to help you create (and finish!) your story so you can create meaningful experience for others.

After more than thirty years of teaching in higher education, conducting community workshops, and mentoring private clients, I've helped thousands of people discover new ways to tell their stories across a variety of mediums, including comics. I'm a wonk for creative process, especially the unique yet universal (I believe) ways that structure and freedom can work together to help people achieve completed, satisfying creative projects. I've published award-wining fiction and nonfiction. My Lonnie Squires mystery trilogy (Whacked, Toasted, and Ditched, published under the pen name Josie Gordon) earned a Lambda Literary Award. I also contributed to nonfiction anthologies which have been nominated for an Edgar Award and won a Michigan Notable Book Award.

What can we work on together?

How Do I Stay Motivated?"

Friends and colleagues have called me "The Queen of Getting Things Done" for years, but the truth is, I'm probably more lazy than the next person! I like to daydream, walk my dogs, watch mysteries on TV. For me, organization and motivation go hand in hand, and I can help you learn how to keep your project alive without you having to give up too much of the rest of your life!”

How can I think about plot and characterization?"

A compelling story with characters who pull readers in lies at the heart of any successful graphic novel, fiction or non-fiction. Yet many comics artists have practiced visual art for years without taking any creative writing classes! I can help you learn about important story and character essentials as they apply to what you want to create.”

Can I learn to write better?"

The truth? Yes! We can talk about easy tips and tricks for better handling of words, principles for writing dialogue, ways to use both words and visuals for sensory images, how to handle that menace exposition, and more. ”

What others have said about working with Beth

“Beth is a highly-engaging teacher with an unquestionable passion for storytelling, with careful attention to story structure, pacing, and revision. Her energy and enthusiasm prove magical and it takes only a moment to find yourself swept up in the excitement of starting a creative project. With years of experience working with editors and writers in a variety of genres, Beth knows how to break down massive projects into manageable tasks and help you set challenging, but obtainable goals. She will inspire you push yourself harder than you ever thought possible and you will come out of it a better writer and a better person.”

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