Don't let that project burn a hole in your desk drawer

Since finishing my graphic memoir in 2016, I've been making, teaching and editing comics in Australia and the United States. 

From working with artists to develop their comics for magazine publication to classrooms focused on storytelling, I've been lending all my energy to helping people make the best possible comics they can. 

Let me help you. 

How does it work?

Easy. You send through your work, including any questions or concerns, and after I've read over your project and make notes we arrange a time to talk about it. 

My feedback is going to be geared towards making your comic clear to readers and helping you iron out the kinks of the comics making process.

That hour is yours to ask questions, talk comics and get advice how to move forward. 

Why work with me?

“Like many people, my journey through comics has largely been self taught. Until I came to SAW, I'd never been in a room full of people who take their pursuit of comics seriously. Since I've been here I've had the opportunity to commit the time to take my creative practice to the next level and I want to share that experience so people can get past their creative blocks and get to the good bit. Making comics.”

“My masters program focused on the professional side of editing and publishing. Once I graduated I worked for a range of independent, education and small press publishers as an prose and art editor. This inside knowledge into the back end of editing and publishing has been invaluable. It also allowed me the good fortune of working with my some of my favorite comics-artists and peers to get their work to print.”

“I started teaching comics in the back studio of a youth centre in inner-city Melbourne. Half a dozen kids would come together for two hours on a Friday afternoon for 12 weeks and draw. It was the most exciting thing I'd ever done. Since then I've taught in high schools, state libraries, outside in the park, and here at SAW in person and online. In every classroom I've found the same excitement for drawing and storytelling. ”

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