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Monthly Mentoring Group with Derek Ballard

Live Comics and Storyboarding  Mentoring with Derek Ballard!

Sundays 3 pm  Eastern / 12pm Pacific

CLASS COST: $99 to $150 USD sliding scale


Sundays at 3 pm - 5 pm -ish EST.

ZOOM link sent upon sign-up.

Class will run as long as Derek and the students want it to!

Monthly charge will recur until canceled by user! Thanks!

Available Course Archives

You'll have access to Derek's last course's materials and all meeting archives to keep you inspired.

    1. Live Mentoring Group with Derek Ballard Link

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    1. Zoom Archives

    1. Archive - Week 1 Templates

    2. Zoom Archive from Week 1

    3. Zoom Archive from Week 2

    4. Week 2 PDF - Color

    5. Week 2 PDF - Choreograph

    6. Zoom Archive from Week 3

    7. Zoom Archive from Week 4

    8. Bonus: PDF Download of Derek's 2020 Class Booklet

    9. Storyboarder's Audio Commentary on *Nemesis* Full Episode

About this course

  • $150.00 / month
  • 12 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Pricing options

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Instructor Bio:

How do you get a gig storyboarding for Adventure Time and other amazing shows? Derek did it by being true to his vision, by being original, and loving drawing and telling stories.

In his courses, he takes you on his journey from comics and storyboarding newbie to creating characters and stories for two episodes of Adventure Time, plus episodes of the new Netflix show, Midnight Gospel.

Derek Ballard