You can make your graphic novel ideas come alive.

Most people write words and put pictures to the words. Words, picture, words picture. 

The picture is merely what the words are saying and It results in boring, sad, unimaginative, undramatic comics.

It doesn't lift off the page.

Maybe it informs, but it doesn't inspire...

You want to inspire!

This is the story you've been working on for years, or have dreamed about or lived!

Yes, you can learn to make your graphic novel soar!

You've got an idea...

or a whole story or project, already mapped out, maybe even written.

I've seen potential students at this point lose their way, feeling more lost and alone in their quest to find the vision in their story.

They settle for pictures of what the words already say.

They settle for boring their readers.

They settle for just putting pictures what they've written inside little boxes.

I won't let that happen to you!

Comics For Writers

Comics For Writers is a complete curriculum designed for scholars, historians, memoirists, journalists, storytellers and writers of all kinds looking to expand into graphic novels or short-form comics.

This is an online, continuous-running, self-paced course taught by Tom Hart, New York Times #1 Bestselling graphic novelist and founder of SAW—the Sequential Artists Workshop—in Gainesville, Florida.

If you have a story that you’d like to tell graphically, Comics for Writers will teach you what you need to know to make the transition!

Start any time and proceed at whatever speed works for you. Receive feedback on your work from Tom as you go.

Comics For Writers



I'm Tom Hart, a New York Times #1 Bestselling graphic novelist who has been creating comics tirelessly since about 1993.

Despite my decades of drawing, it took me years to figure out that I'm a writer first, and now that I have, I have made it my passion to help people tell their stories.

Some of my favorite graphic novels and memoirs succeed on the power of their writing, with the images serving the ideas and story. Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and Are You My Mother? And Art Spiegelman’s Maus come to mind.

My Memoir

When I needed to make my most important book, my book about my fabulous daughter, I knew I didn't have the visual skills to make you believe it was happening in front of you, and that's not what the book was about. It was an internal book. To work, it needed to rely on honesty, concepts, and language.

My memoir, Rosalie Lightning, relies on the power of the thought and emotion behind it, not on the skill of the drawings.

Every work I create starts with copious notes, and pages and pages of free-writing. From there I try to find the magic combinations of words and pictures to let the ideas soar.

I know where writers like you are coming from—and I know how to make the jump from prose to image.


Comics For Writers

Comics For Writers collects what I’ve taught for 16 years and tailors it for people like you, who are used to words and ideas, but just starting to work with images, visual narrative and design.

When you join Comics for Writers, you'll have immediate access to hours of seasoned instruction, inspiration, presentations and exercises to get you understanding how comics can be magic and to make that magic yourself.

You'll use what you're good at—writing—to create good, well-written comics. And you’ll share what you’ve created via a SAW Online Google+ Group.

I won't teach you to draw, but I'll teach you to plan the drawings, (whether those will be finished by you or someone else), to think about your visuals and to craft your story through comics.

You’ll find your way—and your voice.

Comics For Writers

This course is self-paced. Start any time and proceed at whatever speed you like.

Hop into the Google+ Group any time you need help

NOTE: 2% of the revenue will got to Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, per the recommendation of Sky and Scott McCloud-

This course will set you on your way to understanding the medium but also finding your voice in it.

What others have said about the course...

“I was fortunate to discover SAW as a resource for working on my graphic history, Perpetua's Journey. Tom Hart was an incredible teacher and our lessons discussed how to make my project, a prison diary, come to life in sequential art. Tom has said that creating comics is all about "writing, drawing, thinking, history, and responding," and we discussed all of these topics during my lessons."”

Author + Student

Dr. Jennifer Rea

“It’s been many years since [this story] made me sad, but there, in class, as I transformed the words into visual images, I sobbed.”

Author + Student

Sandra Gail Lambert

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