Your inner critic is killing your spirit.

Taming the voice that negates everything we do.

The Critic Asks:

...Who do you think you are to try that, to do that, to attempt that, to show that...?


But the critic has no idea who you are. 

The critic only knows who you're not. 

In this course, we will train it to see you and help you.

Who are we?

In 12 steps we will learn --->

  • You are as much a light as every person, animal, mineral and vegetable in the cosmos.

  • You are not the other person. You are YOU. Train your critic to see you as you.

  • Our inner critic often has a specific voice. Notice it to neutralize it.

  • Success is doing anything, and observing it.

  • Train your inner critic to observe you neutrally.

  • We are all who we are, and the desire to be someone else, or somewhere else, is powerful. That desire is energy we can use to shine.

  • Once the critic sees you as you are, let it suggest new directions.

We're all in this together!

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Turn your inner critic to inner suggester

We will tame the critic and put it to use. We are in charge!

What's Included?

There are 4 in-depth personal exercises and 12 inspirational steps with readings, video and more, and access to me and others in the Exclusive Comics FLOW section of the SAW Mighty Network.

Course curriculum

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    2. Welcome we've been waiting for you!!!

    1. Exercise 1 - Coloring Book

    2. Step 1 - River of Creativity, String of Lights

    3. Step 2 - Who Do We Think We Are?

    4. Step 3 - Who is Our Inner Critic?

    1. Exercise 2 - Failure Count

    2. Step 4 - Redefining Success

    3. Step 5 - Fail and Fail Again

    4. Step 6 - Training Our Critic

    1. Exercise 3 - Patterns and Places

    2. Step 7 - The Pain of Who We Aren't

    3. Step 8 - Ready for a Challenge

    4. Step 9 - Be Triumphantly Original

    1. Exercise 4 - Quick Drawings

    2. Step 10 - Find a Partner, Find a Group

    3. Step 11 - Believe in Your Future

    4. Step 12 - Sharing and What it Means

    1. Your First Review

    2. Your First Sale

    3. More Resources for You

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