Are you intimidated by traditional inking?

Are you intimidated by traditional inking?

Have you ever wondered how the work of the great inkers never seem to look messy or ugly?

Have you ever felt defeated enough to say, "I could never do that."?

Are you hoping that computer inking and infinite undos will come save the day?

None of the masters of classic inking were born being able to ink clean and expressive pages—I know because I learned from them. 

You too can master inking with a brush and other traditional tools 

To teach this magnificent art, I’ve put together visually rich lectures, demos, and tested exercises.

This class is based on decades of drawing and seven years of teaching in person classes at the Sequential Artists Workshop.

The class will break down inking into manageable chunks. You’ll learn techniques, tricks, and methods that will give you the confidence and control to get in there and ink with real brushes and real ink on real paper! 

Don’t worry. I’ll show you how to get over the fear of the brush and start inking like a pro!

Learn the Basics!

In our Inking Basics and other Inking with Justine Courses, you will learn how to handle the tools of traditional inking focusing on the most versatile tool—your brush. Justine will teach you how to bring clarity to your drawings by making conscious choices about light and shadow, texture, and tone. Through her demos, lectures, and at-home projects, you’ll  let go of bad habits that muddy up your pages. 

What makes classic inking and inkers great is not a superpower. Great inking comes with practice, know-how, discipline, patience. It comes from the confidence of knowing that what you are doing and how light, shadow, and texture work—and Justine’s classes can give you that confidence. 

Want a sample?

Click here for Justine's Inking Master Class Free Demo Download

To help you on your journey, Justine has prepared:

  • Image-rich presentations...

    that back up the importance of looking at great inking, and finally recognizing the beauty of line, and realizing the language of line used by the Masters.

  • Visual demos...

    describing how the brush is held, demos that will clearly demonstrate why the small things matter, and how inking is a full-body experience!

  • Specific Projects and Worksheets...

    that will help you focus on the lessons you have just learned so that you are not only seeing, but actively doing.

  • An Online Community...

    of students who you will be able to reach out to and share your work with, and, Justine will stop in and give frequent incisive pointers. And yet the class has been designed so that each student will be able to compare and contrast their progress against their own work rather than against the work of other students.

What others have said

“Next to finally getting to grips with using the Windsor-Newton, I have seen a huge improvement in my inking, and I am really enjoying exploring it more, studying the line art of master artists... It changed how I draw, how I look at inking, trying to design each line as a beautiful stroke. This has been a big game-changer/life-changer for me, Justine, THANK YOU!”

“This class got me thinking about things like texture, spotting blacks, visual storytelling and composition in ways I never have before and if these drawings are successful I truly owe a lot of that success to you and these classes... I feel creatively energized, like I'm armed with a box of new tools to make my ideas come to life on a blank page and I can't thank you enough Miss Justine. ”

Course curriculum

    1. Line Quality 1 - Great Comics Ink Masters Intro.

    2. Line Quality 1 (Great Comics Inking) Presentation Video

    3. Line Practice Instruction and Brush Inking Basics

    4. Ruling Your Panel Borders Video

    5. Homework 1 - Redo line Practice

    6. Line Practice Printable PDF

    7. Homework - Worksheet 1

    8. Worksheet 1 PDF

    1. Line Quality 2 - The Great Illustrators Intro.

    2. Line Quality 2 - Presentation - The Great Illustrators

    3. Line Quality Video 1: Simple Lines and Lines in Rhythm

    4. Homework - Worksheet 2

    5. Worksheet 2 PDF

    1. Spotting Black Lecture Video

    2. Homework: Instinctive Image Inking - The Fly

    3. The Fly PDF

    1. Final Project - ReInk the Fly

    2. The Fly PDF again

    3. What's Next!

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content


Let's Do It!


  • What tools do I need?

    I teach using a Windsor Newton Series 7 #2 brush. It's an industry standard. Other variations on this brush are manufactured by Raphael and Escoda. Cheaper brushes will not produce great results, trust me!

  • Can I use markers or brush pens?

    I don't recommend it, but I understand. I started using similar tools. In my helping you learn to see and translate what you see to ink, better tools will produce better results. But I don't want you to be afraid to try, so please understand that the results will be less with lower quality tools.

  • I work mostly digitally. Can I take this class?

    I'm not 100% familiar with today's digital tools, but my understanding is that they can be quite sophisticated, so I would say try it! You may get good results. The one thing I am sure though, is that the connection to the wood, hair and ink and thousands of years of painting with those tools will be lost. But still, you can try! Maybe then I can get you to try real ink!

  • Was this material in the previous Inking Master Class One or Two?

    Yes, all of this material was the first three sessions of Inking Master Class One. So if you took that, feel free to move on to one of the more advanced ones, like Loosen Up! or Inking Like The Masters!

  • Will Justine be responding to posts in the online community?

    Justine is committed to responding to every post through November 2019!

I'm ready to start mastering inking.

Inking Basics is always enrolling