Storytelling with words, drawings, honesty, transmutation, and even lying in the service of emotional power.

We began Going in for the Snakes

in 2017 and it was incredibly successful. It coalesced what I have been wanting to focus on for more than 15 years—

How to put your own depths on the page.

Now I know that these methods work, but we gotta have the strength to go in. I've tried it and been lazy, and I've tried it and been strong. It's always better when I go in strong.

How will you go in?

This is my favorite course.

It's given me so much, helped me feel truthful, and inspired and in touch with my own creative self. That's the gift this course can give you, too.

Course curriculum

    1. Video Introduction to Week 1

    2. Quick exercise - Song Lyrics

    3. Readings - Aidan Koch

    4. Assignment - Abstract Comic

    5. Abstract Comics Preview PDF - From

    6. Bonus - Morrisey lyrics plus Charlie Brown

    1. Video Introduction to Session 2

    2. Readings - Koch, Woodring, and more

    3. Readings- Jim Wooding FRANK PDF

    4. Exercise - The Snake Pit

    5. Assignment: Guided Dream and Weather Patterns

    1. Video Intro to Us and Love

    2. EXERCISE - One more song lyric

    3. Readings - Alabaster, Barry, Bell and More

    4. Barry - My Perfect Life; Doug

    5. Gabrielle Bell - Excerpt from Everything is Flammable

    6. Assignment - lovers parting or reuiniting

    1. Video Introduction to Us and Society

    2. Readings - Barry, Harmon, Davis, Kirby

    3. Lynda Barry Perfect Life PDF

    4. Keith Johnstone on fear of being looked at

    5. Assignment - What will they think?

    6. Miranda Harmon - Harmontown

    1. Video Introduction to Bodies, Birth and Death

    2. Readings - Eleanor Davis and more

    3. Eleanor Davis - The Fox

    4. Ken Dahl - Excerpt from Monsters

    5. Pictorial Exercises - Sketch from Videos or photos

    6. Assignment: Bodies, Birth and Death

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Let's Go Deep!

I'm ready to go in!