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  • Drawing Help!
  • Storytelling and Narrative Techniques
  • Games and Exercises for Teachers and Groups
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  • 01
    Drawing Help!
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    • Emily Flake's Anyone Can Do It Drawing Cheat Sheet
    • Drawing Children, Teens and Adults in Proportion
    • Justine's Inking Master Class Free Booklet FREE PREVIEW
    • How to Copy the Great Masters - VIDEO FREE PREVIEW
    • Great Inking with Alex Raymond, Al Williamson and more - VIDEO FREE PREVIEW
    • Inking Practice Worksheets by Justine Mara Andersen
    • Justine on Wally Wood Details
    • How to make your lettering readable, expressive and beautiful - VIDEO by Tom Hart
    • Emotions and Faces
    • Drawing Movement
    • Computer coloring (basic), from Tom Hart's Book on Comic Strips
    • A Survey of Trees
    • Unlearn Anime Expressions (c) 2011 by Tracy Butler
    • Setting up a Gouache Palette - Jess Ruliffson's Way
    • Free Drawing for Animation School
    • How To Read (and make) A Single Panel Cartoon | by Tom Hart
    • How to Draw Action and Movement
    • Disney Staging Handout - This has been traveling the internet for decades.
    • Storyboarding the Simpsons Way - Animation tricks by Chris Roman good for comics panels too!
    • Brad Bird on Compositions - We got this from AnimationMeat.Com
  • 02
    Storytelling + Narrative Techinques
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    • Comics Language Basics
    • Staging Your Characters VIDEO
    • Tom's Favorite In-Class Exercise. Building Panel by Panel
    • Explode the Rules of the Page!
    • Storytelling With The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan Full Curriculum PDF
    • How To Read Nancy (C) Mark Newgarden and Paul Karasik. This has been blowing minds for years! Be sure to buy their whole book from Fantagraphics
    • Comics Kuleshov - About creating meaning by juxtapositions of panels or "shots"
    • 9 Different Narrative Voices in Comics. Try this.
    • How to Read a Gag Cartoon, Essay by Tom Hart
    • PIXAR IN A BOX Free Course
    • Video: How to Write for Animation from Nickelodeon
  • 03
    Creativity and Idea Generating
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  • 04
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    • Women in Comics - An Introduction by Trina Robbins PDF
    • Ira Glass on our Work vs our Ambitions - Brilliant!
    • The Creative Process - THE TRUTH
    • Comics: An Art of Anxiety Part 1
    • Animation Resources
    • Great Web Resources
    • Survey of great biographical comics
  • 05
    Games and Exercises for Teachers and Groups
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    • Master Story Response Sheet - Ways of responding to a comic or graphic novel WORD Doc
    • Pickle and Potato Comic Booklet Creator. Pre-drawn cartoon panels for creating a fun story
    • Louis Riel by Chester Brown Study Guide for Students
  • 06
    Some Full Readings
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    • Lost Weekend In Alice Springs, by Craig San Roque and Josh Santospirito
    • Design in Motion; Classic Animation Book, 1962, from Archive.Org