Live Comics and Storyboarding with Derek Ballard

Rat in a Cage - Live Comics and Storyboarding with Derek Ballard

Live Comics and Storyboarding  with Derek Ballard!

4 Weeks starting October 10, 2021 on ZOOM.

Sundays October 10, 17, 24 -skipping Halloween- and then Nov 7.

Work with Derek to challenge your imagination and skills to develop new ideas and stories.

CLASS COST: $99 to $199 USD sliding scale


Four Sundays at 7 pm - 9pm EST.

  • Oct 10
  • Oct 17
  • Oct 24
  • Nov 7  

ZOOM link sent upon sign-up.

Course curriculum

    1. Rat in a Cage - Live Comics and Storyboarding with Derek Ballard Link

    2. 4 - Week Curriculum

    3. Week 1 Templates

    4. Zoom Archive from Week 1

    5. Zoom Archive from Week 2

    6. Week 2 PDF - Color

    7. Week 2 PDF - Choreograph

    8. Zoom Archive from Week 3

    9. Zoom Archive from Week 4

    10. Bonus: PDF Download of Derek's 2020 Class Booklet

    11. Storyboarder's Audio Commentary on *Nemesis* Full Episode

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

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Instructor Bio:

How do you get a gig storyboarding for Adventure Time and other amazing shows? Derek did it by being true to his vision, by being original, and loving drawing and telling stories.

In his courses, he takes you on his journey from comics and storyboarding newbie to creating characters and stories for two episodes of Adventure Time, plus episodes of the new Netflix show, Midnight Gospel.

Derek Ballard



Derek's curriculum involves examining character-creating, world-building and formal narrative rules to prompt the most amount of creativity from artists.

  • Week 1 - NO ROOM FOR JACK ON THE RAFT, Speech balloons and Sound Effects and how they affect creation

  • Week 2 - RAT IN A CAGE, Adding Constraints (Deeper into Comics) -

  • Week 3 - Storyboarding IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE (of trying to be economical.)

  • Week 4 IN THE WRITER’S ROOM, Deeper into Storyboarding

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