How to move to your spot

What is the industry? What can I do with my skills? Who is watching? Who is listening? Where can I go?

These questions will be discussed in-depth, if not answered, in this course on going forward with your talent and vision. 

It's not easy for an artist, but with some training, and especially, a network of colleagues and mentors, you can begin to navigate the professional world.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Professional Practices

    1. Intro to Professional Practices - art making, philosophy and the everyday

    2. Emma's Story :From student to mentor

    3. Two Questions by Lynda Barry

    4. Zadie Smith - In Defense of Fiction

    5. From Amy Walsh, A Tiny Treasury of Creative Confidence Pep Talks

    1. Week Two: how to present your work and talk about your practice

    2. Talking about your work from Emma Jensen

    3. How to Make Comics and Cartoons by Liana Finck

    1. Week Three: setting goals and meeting deadlines

    2. Goals, lists and exercises

    3. BONUS: Managing Your Workflow with Beth Trembley

    1. Week Four: getting your work out there - submitting to comics anthologies, magazines and collections vs. self-publishing

    2. Where do you read comics?

    3. BONUS: Editor of The Nib on pitches that work

    4. BONUS: Publishing - Tom's Story: Mini-Comics

    5. BONUS: Publishing - Tom's Story: Self-Publishing and Distributing

    1. Week Five: deciding between self publishing and a publishing house

    2. Emma's experience as author and editor

    3. Querying an Agent - From Jess Ruliffson

    4. Rosalie Lightning Pitch PDF

    5. BONUS: SAW presentation by Robyn Chapman from First Second

    6. BONUS A Writers Life by MariNaomi

    7. BONUS: Tom's Story - Small Publishers and Being Seen

    8. BONUS: Publishing - Tom's Story: An Agent, A Big Publisher and More Self-Publishing

    9. BONUS: Andi Santagata: The Art of the Agentless Book Deal

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Emma Jensen

Instructor Bio:

Jess Ruliffson is and award-winning cartoonist currently interviewing veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars for a full-length graphic novel. She’s given lectures and workshops at The Drawing Center, The Center for Cartoon Studies, and The Sequential Artist Workshop. She recently completed artwork for The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan by Bryan Doerries, available April 2016 from Pantheon Books. Other clients include The Boston Globe, Wilson Quarterly, Oxford American, E-Line Industries, Columbia University School of Journalism,, PEN America, The NYC Police Foundation, Symbolia Magazine, The Cartoon Picayune, and So What? Press.

Jess Ruliffson