Course curriculum

    1. Description and Syllabus

    1. History of Distribution - 3 videos

    2. History Of Distribution PDF

    3. Festivals and Shows: Art and Commerce

    4. Festivals and Comic Shows: Art and Commerce PDF

    1. Underground + Queer Comics

    2. International Comics

    3. The Parallel History Of Queer and Heteronormative Underground Comics PDF

    4. Comics as an International Community PDF

    5. Extra: DOWNLOADS: Zap, Arcade, Weirdo, Raw, Twisted Sisters and Gay Comix Downloads

    6. Extra: Browsable Link of Underground Comix

    7. Extra: ARTICLE: An Oral History of Wimmen's Comix

    8. Extra: Ebon: An African American Superhero from the Underground Comix Scene

    1. Video: Archie Comics

    2. Video: The Rise of Kid's Comics

    3. The Gendering Of Comics And How Archie Bridged The Gap PDF

    4. The Rise of Kids' Comics PDF

    1. Political, Propaganda and Informative Comics

    2. The Evolution of Editorial And Journalistic Comics PDF

    3. Comics as Propaganda, Advocacy, Information, Pedagogy, and Graphic Medicine PDF

    1. Zines and Memoirs

    2. Comics and the Zine Revolution PDF

    3. Memoir As Genre And Sub-Genres PDF

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Instructor Bio:

I'm a full-time writer available for hire in any number of fields. I have a feisty young kiddo who is my test subject for all the kids' comics I receive. I will happily review any comics sent to me. I especially like to review minicomics. Contact me at for more info or send your comics to: My address is: 815 B West Markham Ave Durham, NC 27701

Rob Clough