Course curriculum

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    • Description and Syllabus
  • 02
    Week 1: Distribution
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    • Distribution and Festivals
    • History Of Distribution PDF
    • Comic Shows: Art and Commerce PDF
  • 03
    Week 2: Underground, Queer, and International Comics
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    • Underground, Queer and International Comics
    • The Parallel History Of Queer and Heteronormative Underground Comics PDF
    • Comics as an International Community PDF
  • 04
    Week 3: Political, Propaganda and Informative Comics
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    • Political, Propaganda and Informative Comics
    • Comics as Propaganda, Advocacy, Information, Pedagogy, and Graphic Medicine PDF
    • The Evolution of Editorial And Journalistic Comics PDF
  • 05
    Week 4: Archie Comics and Kids Comics
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    • Archie Comics and Kids Comics
    • The Rise of Kids' Comics PDF
    • The Gendering Of Comics And How Archie Bridged The Gap PDF
  • 06
    Week 5: Zines and Memoir
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    • Zines and Memoirs
    • Comics and the Zine Revolution PDF
    • Memoir As Genre And Sub-Genres PDF
  • 07
    Week 6: Innovation and Comics as Poetry
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    • Innovation and Comics as Poetry
    • The History Of Comics Innovation PDF
    • Comics as Poetry PDF
  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    I'm a full-time writer available for hire in any number of fields. I have a feisty young kiddo who is my test subject for all the kids' comics I receive. I will happily review any comics sent to me. I especially like to review minicomics. Contact me at for more info or send your comics to: My address is: 815 B West Markham Ave Durham, NC 27701

    Rob Clough