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A Masterclass of Material

This bank of materials comes from almost 20 years of teaching college and graduate level comics to people like you. 

This collection is a BONUS to the Graphic Novel Development Course and is only available to people engaged with exclusive SAW programs!

These materials will help and inspire you. Let's make your story happen!

What is Included

  • 18 Videos

  • 16 Texts

  • 67 PDFs

  • 1 Audio

  • 1 Download

  • 2 Presentations

  • 50 Hours

Course curriculum

    1. About this Course

    2. Character problems and wants in a story.

    3. Rosalie Lightning Pitch PDF

    4. Problems and Characters in Fun Home and Epileptic

    5. The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan Script to Finish VIDEO NOTES

    6. Rosalie Lightning Book Outline

    1. Why grids?

    2. 4-Panel Grid

    3. 6-Panel Grid

    4. Balloons, Panels and Bubbles - Common Comics Language

    5. Jessica Abel on Visual Scripting

    6. Brief outline of comics making process

    7. From Script to Finish. The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan

    1. Silent Storytelling Introduction

    2. Some Silent Stories

    3. Some Silent Stories - PDF

    1. Voice Introduction

    2. Narrative Voices Video 1 of 3

    3. Narrative Voice Video 2 of 3

    4. Narrative Voices Video 3 of 3

    5. Narrative Voices Exercise PDF Format

    1. Introduction to Drawing Bodies and Heads

    2. Drawing the Figure - Famous Artists Cartoon Course

    3. Drawing the Head - Famous Artists Cartoon Course

    4. Cartooning the Head in Detail - Famous Artists Cartoon Course

    5. Cartooning the Figure in Detail - Famous Artists Cartoon Course

    6. Drawing Children, Adults and Teens

    7. Emotions PDF

    8. Random Bodies and Stuff

    1. Introduction to Show and Tell

    2. Scott McCloud - Chapter 6 Show and Tell

    3. A Walk Through Comix 2000 - Video Playlist

    4. David Mamet On Directing Film Excerpt

About this course

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  • 130 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

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