You Can Ink Like the Masters

Chester Gould, Hal Foster, Charles Schulz, Walt Kelly, Winsor McCay, Neal Adams, Bill Watterson and more

Now you're ready to study the masters and ink like them!

I had to learn the languages of these master ink artists. Now I can teach it to you.

Study the Language of Line

You'll look at all these artists' language of line, and start to understand WHY they made the decisions they did, and how they used.


Here's you chance to keep moving and study and internalize the work of great inkers.

Let's have some fun and study some great work in-depth, and try to mimic what we see. We'll look at dozens of deep examples and try our own examples.

You'll be tracing my journey...

In 2014 I was asked to create a 4-page newspaper in the format of classic Sunday newspapers. I had to create 12 strips all my own, in a variety of classic styles. From Peanuts to Prince Valiant to Batman to Calvin and Hobbes, too.

Ink Like the Masters

Throw away everything you think about copying and tracing. That's how I'm going to show you the meaning and language of line. And you're going to learn a crapload of stuff as we go...

To help you on your journey, Justine has prepared:

  • Image-rich presentations...

    that back up the importance of looking at great inking, and finally recognizing the beauty of line, and realizing the language of line used by the Masters.

  • Specific Projects and Worksheets...

    that will help you focus on the lessons you have just learned so that you are not only seeing, but actively doing.

  • A community of students

    of students who you will be able to reach out to and share your work with, and, Justine will stop in and give frequent incisive pointers. And yet the class has been designed so that each student will be able to compare and contrast their progress against their own work rather than against the work of other students.

Course curriculum

    1. Inking Community Link

    2. A Reminder of Your Tools Video

    3. Review And Looking Deeper Into Mastery 1 of 2

    4. Review And Looking Deeper Into Mastery 2 of 2

    5. Line Practice Printable PDF

    6. Review Worksheet 1 PDF

    7. Review Worksheet 2 PDF

    1. Aping The Masters... Or What I Learned On The CRA Project 1

    2. Aping The Masters Video 1

    3. CRA Copying the Masters Video

    1. Heavy Line-Weight Variation Vs. Light Line-Weight Variation

    2. Homework Light Line-Weight Variation

    3. Option 1

    4. Option 2

    5. Option 3

    6. Option 4

    7. Option 5

    8. Option 6

    9. Option 7

    10. Option 8

    11. Option 9

    1. CRA, Aping The Masters Inks

    2. CRA Annual Report Complete Color PDF

    3. CRA Complete High Resolution Inks

    4. Aping The Masters Homework

    5. Option 1

    6. Option 2

    7. Option 3

    8. Option 4

    9. Option 5

    10. Option 6

    11. Option 7

    12. Option 8

    1. What's Next!

About this course

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  • 34 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

What others have said

“Next to finally getting to grips with using the Windsor-Newton, I have seen a huge improvement in my inking, and I am really enjoying exploring it more, studying the line art of master artists... It changed how I draw, how I look at inking, trying to design each line as a beautiful stroke. This has been a big game-changer/life-changer for me, Justine, THANK YOU!”

“This class got me thinking about things like texture, spotting blacks, visual storytelling and composition in ways I never have before and if these drawings are successful I truly owe a lot of that success to you and these classes... I feel creatively energized, like I'm armed with a box of new tools to make my ideas come to life on a blank page and I can't thank you enough Miss Justine. ”

Price for permanent access to the program and community access.

Justine Mara Andersen

Instructor Bio:


Hey, I'm Justine, and I've been with SAW from the beginning. Before SAW I was a veteran pro... but before that, I, presumably, like you, had no idea where to begin. I had ambition, hunger, desire, but no focus, no discipline, no chops, and worse, no mentors. I knew what I wanted, but I also knew how lousy I was and how little I knew, and worse, that no one at college was qualified to help me learn what I really needed to know.

The worst part was, I was so ignorant when it came not only to art, but to comics, that I was drowning in my own naivete. I didn't know where to begin...

Then I met my mentors, P. Craig Russell, Val Mayerik, Dan Adkins, Jim Steranko, Frank Thorne, John Workman, and Jeff Jones. At first it was brutal, I was immediately confronted with the shameful realization that I didn't know a damn thing bout drawing, nor about comics, and I suddenly felt an urgent need to get it together and get down to the hard work of learning the hard stuff, of learning the discipline of setting aside the fun stuff to focus on fundamentals.

Then, for decades, I worked 60 hours a week, I made a lot of sacrifices, and did every damn thing my mentors told me to do. In that time, I completed 4 published graphic novels for Fantagraphics, inked for DC Comics, Image Comics, and created hundreds of illustrations for WOTC/Dungeons & Dragons, as well as for Lucasfilm, and countless more images for numerous clients in a wide range of projects from ballet stage design to animation.

It's my philosophy that most of my students have set the bar too low for themselves, that they have no idea just how good and how BIG they can become as artists, if only they make wise conscious choices.

What I excel at is saving my students time and suffering. I learned it the hard way so my students don't have to. Of all the gifts I have, perhaps the one I am most proud of is my ability to take complicated concepts and distill them into something I can pass along to my students. My students not only learn from my successes, but my failures, and if you learn from me, you are not only learning from me, but you will be learning all my mentors taught me.

Through me, they and my own life lessons will all be teaching you together, and not just how to draw good comics, but about how to prioritize, set achievable goals, and how to avoid temptation and learn the discipline it takes to become great rather than merely good.

My website is

Justine Mara Andersen

Drawing and Inking Maven

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