Drawing Health

We're happy to be partnering with
Georgia Webber at Drawing the Inside Out

Drawing Health is an ongoing series of live practice sessions that connect health and creativity for a sustainable and satisfying art practice.

Every Saturday, we come together to explore a theme (announced each Wednesday). We practice guided meditations that lead us to drawing from our experience, whatever response arises from the theme. We spend time meditating together, drawing together, and then sharing our experiences and creations in discussion. No experience or skill level necessary!

These practices are open to all, and I strive to welcome all people in specific acceptance of the experiences, knowledge, personality and creativity they bring. As of this writing, the group has a strong white presence, and I would like to hear from you if that presents a barrier to your comfort or access to this space. I am very willing to speak to my privileges, mistakes, and intentions, knowing that I hold the space for everyone to enter. We are co-creating in the moment together, but ultimately I take responsibility for the group and am happy to be learning in that process. 

Saturdays at 10am EST, 60 minutes

Your monthly enrollment helps to solidify and sustain Drawing Health as a weekly offering.

We have partnered with Georgia to help secure her offering into the future and to provide health-focused programs for our students.


Georgia Webber is a comics artist, editor, and facilitator living in Newfoundland. She is entirely occupied by the intersection of health and art, making music, comics, and facilitating courses from this point of fascination. Georgia is best known for her debut graphic memoir, Dumb: Living Without a Voice (Fantagraphics 2018), the chronicle of her severe vocal injury and sustained vocal condition which causes her pain from using her voice. This difficult experience lead her to work as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, a meditation facilitator, and as an improvising musician, blending elements of healthcare, body awareness and creative expression within constraints. She has extended her love of the voice into the community with a project called MAW Vocal Arts. Georgia’s latest book is a collaboration with Vivian Chong, Dancing After TEN (Fantagraphics 2020). Georgia's new project, Also True, is a grand departure from her previous works. Stay tuned for updates on her website, www.georgiawebber.com and the project site, www.alsotrue.xyz.

Georgia Webber