What are your challenges?

Process and processing... Process to Finish

Leela admits about her own project, "it presents me with a set of ongoing challenges, from the vastness of the subjects I have foolishly decided to write about, to my time management skills, to my shifting ideas & interests within the story. But the greatest challenge is in working with traumatic subject matter. "

What's in your process? What are your subjects and ideas and interests? Let's work on them together.

Read more of Leela's process and beliefs, featured in The Believer, here: https://believermag.com/logger/process-leela-corman/

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January - Your Story Matters
Coursework and exercises

Exclusive course community, plus live calls:

  • Week 1 - Sunday Jan 9, 2022, 7-9 pm Eastern
  • Week 2 - Sunday Jan 16, 2022, 7-9 pm Eastern
  • Week 3 - Sunday Jan 23, 2022, 7-9 pm Eastern
  • Week 4 - Sunday Jan 30, 2022, 7-9 pm Eastern

For live discussion and exercises. 

Class videos, audios, chats and transcripts will be saved and archived

Exclusive access to Leela and the group in SAW's Mighty Network. This forum will be used to upload and share work for discussion during class times.

Join Master Cartoonist Leela Corman

Your powerful journey through art and story

The world will line up to say WHO ARE YOU to tell your story?

This class gives you tools to go deep and face your own story to tell it your way.

Award-winning cartoonist Leela Corman has been making comics for 20 years, and focusing primarily on personal and historical trauma for 10. She will take you through 4-weeks of image and story making exploring the impulse to create art and story and be visible.

You will face your own depths and create your own symbols on the way to telling your own story.

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Session A is offered at sliding scale

Join Leela Corman for four weeks in group mentoring

Intensive mentoring on YOUR projects

Exclusive course community working on your individual projects in a smart, welcoming group

Four live sessions:

  • Week 1 - Sunday, Feb 6 - 7 -9 pm Eastern
  • Week 2 - Sunday, Feb 13 - 7 -9 pm Eastern
  • Week 3 - Sunday, Feb 20 - 7 -9 pm Eastern
  • Week 4 - Sunday, Feb 27 - 7 -9 pm Eastern

Class videos, audios, chats and transcripts will be saved and archived

Plus exclusive access to Leela and the group in SAW's Mighty Network

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Sessions A + B: Course Work and Intensive Mentoring Group - Jan - Feb 2022


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